Following its new round of funding, Pinterest announced a deal with Getty Images that will provide more detailed information on the photos people pin on the site.

Pinterest has already discovered ways to make pins more useful, and even offers notifications when prices drop. With Getty Images on board, now pins will not only include great images, but also data about each image.

Whenever someone pins a Getty image that’s already on the web, the metadata that Getty has on file for that image will appear alongside the photo on that person’s pinboard. This can include who took the picture, when it was taken, and a description.

The partnership will help ensure that images get proper attribution, as well as more valuable information for viewers. Some pinners might upload the image or skimp on the description, or in some cases, the link might be broken.

With Getty Images’ help, Pinterest hopes to make the pinned image more useful by using the data to suggest relevant pins. In turn, this will encourage visitors to spend more time on the site. As the second biggest referer of traffic on the web after Facebook, this is an important update, especially for consumer sites.

According to a company spokesperson, the Getty data should start to accompany images in the “coming months.” It appears that the service will first go live with Getty Images house content and will later expand to iStock and other Getty collections.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Jonathan Bussard]