Yesterday, Pinterest announced changes to its iOS apps for people who want to pin, like, and send a little faster from an iPhone or iPad. Although the company’s announcement was directed at consumers, there are two ways businesses can benefit: faster pin management and increased engagement.

The online bulletin board has quickly responded to requests since rolling out its mobile and web redesigns earlier this year. In addition to bringing back some well-loved features, Pinterest has incorporated several that aid in discovery. Now it’s turning its attention to productivity and engagement.

Pinterest has made it so anyone can share a little bit faster just by pressing and holding down any pin until a three-icon menu appears. From here, you can choose to quickly pin, like, or send. While convenient for community managers on the go, this shortcut also makes it a lot easier for consumers to interact with your pins from their iPhone.

It appears that this functionality doesn’t fully extend to the iPad, however. Although the ability to send pins from the iPad exists, the shortcut to pin and like isn’t yet supported. Pinterest didn’t comment on whether it will be included in a future update.

Compared to past versions this is a pretty minor update. But with nearly 70 percent of brand engagement on Pinterest being generated by members, anything that helps to better the experience and increase speed is a step in the right direction. If you think your content is being shared on the platform, be sure to verify your website and check your Pinterest Analytics regularly.

[Image credit: Roxanne Ready, Pinterest]