Today, Pinterest added new categories that pins will be sorted into for discovery. If your content can fit into these categories, this means more opportunities for you to find more fans for your brand on Pinterest.

Even if you don’t fit into one of the categories, the addition of new ones signals that Pinterest might expand into your specialty in the future.

The new categories added include Quotes, Tattoos, and Weddings. It’s pretty easy to figure out who can benefit from these. Almost any business that can gather up inspiring quotes related to its products or customers can benefit from the Quotes category. Tattoo parlors and other alternative culture brands could see some gains from the Tattoos category, and we’ve already talked a great deal about the marriage of social media and weddings.

Pinterest announced the additions on its blog, noting that it has also made some changes to all categories to improve relevancy of results. The visual social network has previously published some best practices for getting your content featured in those categories.

As a side note, some minor tweaks have been made to the interface that you use to add pins. The interface is a little cleaner, it’s easy to see how to also share your Pins to Facebook, and it’s accompanied by a prettier animation. None of this will change the way you use the service, but it’s nice to see.