Pinterest is still going strong as a powerful tool for driving online commerce. As with any service, some companies are using it more effectively than others, and we can all learn from their examples. In our series on Pinterest presence and strategy, we’ve highlighted companies from the grocery, home decor, and clothing industries that have excelled at attracting followers and developing their presence on the network.

It makes sense that a tech company would have the know-how to get up to speed on new social media networks. CNET is a great example of how a tech company can curate relevant and visually appealing content on Pinterest. The media business has presented images that are relevant to its core clientele but still are a perfect fit for sharing with and inspiring a wider audience. Here are some of the ways that CNET sets itself apart on Pinterest.

Staying True to Your Demographic

One of the early criticisms of Pinterest was the platform’s focus on traditionally female-centric topics such as fashion, interior design, and food. Skeptics said that companies not working in those fields would get no use out of the platform.

CNET is a tech site, and on Pinterest, it proudly delivers content for geeks. Its account has pinboards for all sorts of tech gear, from headphones to tablets to cameras. In addition, it has pinboards titled “Geeks Only” and “Geeky DIY.” The “Pop Culture” and “LOL” pinboards are filled with funny images related to Star Wars, Batman, and other nerdy icons. CNET is confident enough in its reputation and its customer base to bring the same type of content from its website to its Pinterest page, even though it doesn’t align perfectly with the platform’s most popular topics.

Encouraging Better Tech Use with Tips and Projects

We’ve mentioned in other articles how important it is to present more than just your merchandise on Pinterest. CNET accomplishes this by pinning tech-related tips, tricks, and advice. It has general tech advice, as well as pinboards focused on the iPhone and iPad, Android devicesphotography, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Much of the advice links through to content on CNET’s website. Especially in the photography section, there are plenty of other websites and blogs. As we’ve discussed before, sharing content from other websites will have a positive impact on your Pinterest reputation.

There are also many pins that link to tech-related DIY projects and how-to guides. This is a great way to connect your brand’s content to Pinterest. The network is all about creativity and inspiration, so including advice, at-home projects, and activities in your pins is a good course of action.

Making Smart and Diverse Image Choices

Pinterest is a great platform for infographics. They’re visually striking and can convey lots of data, exactly the type of image that’s likely to get re-pinned or generate discussions. CNET has a pinboard specifically dedicated to “Graphics & Charts” that houses all of those images, making it easy for a viewer to scroll through and learn more about the tech world.

Aside from charts and graphs, CNET has made good image choices across its entire account. Many images are screen shots that highlight software programs or help explain computer activities. The more traditional product shots are aesthetically pleasing with good quality lighting, and colors.

Anticipating the Future

Tech is a field with near-constant innovation and invention. That means a tech company should stay abreast of new developments. CNET has applied that mindset to Pinterest by dedicating several pins and pinboards to the vast realm of future possibilities.

One such pinboard is “Rumor Has It,” where CNET links to its news stories about industry gossip. It’s a smart way to leverage the company’s insider information and to make the account an important one to follow. Other pinboards highlight images and gadgets that help make your life better in cool and zany ways — from your car, to your kitchen!

Possibly the best pinboard on CNET’s page is “Design & Prototypes,” which houses photos of theoretical gadgets and proof-of-concept models for wild ideas. Nothing is too crazy for this pinboard: a personal multicopter, flexible glass, and a winged hovercraft are a among the concepts presented. Again, for a network that puts a premium on inspiration, this focus on the potential and the possible is a great fit.

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[Image credits: Lin Pernille Photography]