Today PayPal announced a partnership with Discover that will expand the presence of its payments platform to 7 million merchants in 2013.

PayPal and Discover initially partnered in 2010, when Discover card customers were able to use PayPal to send money online and through mobile devices. Moving forward, consumers across the U.S. will be able to use PayPal in stores.

A huge advantage for PayPal (and merchants) is that you won’t have to install or upgrade your existing point-of-sale hardware as the company will tap into Discover’s existing systems. As long as you accept Discover, you’ll be able to turn on PayPal’s in-store integration.

PayPal, which already dominates payments online is quickly moving offline as mobile payments become more mainstream. Customers can either use a PIN code on their mobile phones or swipe a PayPal Access card — which is funded through a bank account or credit card.

The company, which is already in early stage testing with McDonald’s, hasn’t released any pricing details for retailers yet. As more big brands begin offering mobile payment support, small businesses could be pressured into adoption. Make sure that you educate yourself, as well as your customers, about these different solutions and their benefits.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Liz Wise]