Facebook members could soon have an easier way to share what they’re reading and watching with new Open Graph actions. According to Inside Facebook, the social network is testing new built-in actions for lifestyle brands, including “rated” for books and movies.

To take a step back, Open Graph is Facebook’s infrastructure for actions and objects in its network. While developers can add their own custom actions, Facebook provides many that are built-in — such as read, watch, and the familiar Like. It now seems that the company is expanding its built-in offerings.

Initially discovered by developer Tom Waddington, the new actions include “rate” and “quote” as well as “wants to read” and “wants to watch.” Possibly paving the way for book, movie, or TV show reviews, Facebook’s framework also revealed a “review” action.

Although Facebook stated it has nothing to announce at this time, it appears that the book app Goodreads has already implemented the “rated” action, allowing individuals to share their star ratings. Facebook’s framework suggests a number rating or link to a review page could be used instead of stars.

If expanded, the new actions related to lifestyle content — in particular, books and videos — could encourage members to share more stories about the media they interact with, resulting in better discovery and eventually, increased adoption of your Facebook App.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Jayel Aheram]