If you’re looking to hire, or be hired as a social media manager this year, you’d better be prepared to fill an ever-evolving role, with increasingly demanding responsibilities. It just goes to show how important it is to have the right people in key social positions within your organization.

As your company grows, you may be in a position to explore markets outside your traditional areas of operation. You may even find opportunities to expand into other countries. If you find yourself having to post to social media platforms in many different languages, one of our features this week provides steps you can follow to ensure your success.

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Here’s What Employers Will Be Looking For in Social Media Managers in 2014

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The social media world is building momentum for an exciting year, and companies need the right people to guide what will be happening in their accounts. That means you need to make good decisions in your hiring process to prepare for the needs of the coming year.

While you always want to bring the best people on board, choosing your social media manager involves a slightly different set of qualifications than the usual hire. With a continually changing field and a large amount of overlap with other departments, your social media manager holds a unique position within your staff. Here are some of the traits to keep in mind when you’re ready to bring on a new team member for this role. [ Read More… ]

How to Do Cross-Lingual Social Campaigns, According to Global Experts


Social media makes communication fast and easy between people anywhere in the world. For businesses, one of the unusual challenges to social media is making sure that communication can still happen across language barriers. Once you’re an international brand, you have to consider more than just English.

We’ve seen how Honey Bunches of Oats worked with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences within the U.S., and we’d like to continue exploring how global companies think about using more than one language. We spoke to marketers working with multiple languages to tell us how you can get your international social messages heard.

Alex Neuman, based in Panama, is the CEO of Reliant Technologies as well as producer and host of Vida Digital. He works with PaloSanto Solutions, a telecommunications firm based in Ecuador, on multilingual campaigns that include audiences in user groups, forums, Facebook Pages, and Twitter feeds for the company’s products. [ Read More… ]

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