Product Updates: More Powerful Reply

Have you ever wished you could see a user’s profile data and past conversations you’ve had with them, while you were replying to a message? Starting today, you can do this in Sprout Social.

New Sprout Social Compose Tool

We just introduced two new engagement features for all Sprout Social plans and we think you’re going to love them. Now, when you reply to any Twitter message in Sprout Social, you will see a couple new indicators in the lower left corner of your Reply interface. The first tab gives you quick access to the recipient’s profile data so you can get a glance of the user while you type a response. Having quick access to this information upon replying may influence what you are writing to the person, so we thought it would be a great addition to the reply box.

Compose Tool Author Bio

The next tab in the reply box is the real spotlight of today’s announcement. One of our favorite features in Sprout is profile ‘History’, which keeps track of all interactions you’ve ever had with a contact and places it in a single stream. If you’re not familiar, you should really check it out by visiting a friend’s profile in Sprout. Anyway, starting today, when you are replying to somebody, we check for any past interactions and light up a tab to let you know “you have history with this person”!

Compose Tool Full Contact History

Here at Sprout, we love using this feature because it allows us to rapidly respond to users on Twitter, while keeping an eye on any previous interactions. One of the great things about Sprout Social’s History feature is that it operates on multiple social profiles and team members, which becomes insanely powerful for teams collaborating on their social media efforts.

Seeing all of your history when replying gives you the comfort to respond to every single fan with peace of mind. Sprout will always be there to assist and shed some light on each relationship you have with your customers, and to keep the conversations rolling for years to come. We hope you’ll love these new features as much as we do!