Google announced that it will begin rolling out an update to My Places, which will help individuals easily find locations that are important to them.

Often times people look up the same places and directions in Google Maps more than once. Google does a good job of suggesting locations based on past searches; however, My Places aims to help people quickly view and interact with saved maps, starred locations, and rated businesses.

Moving forward, the My Places tab will also help an individual find the places he or she checked in to. Results can be filtered by any of the categories by clicking on the More tab at the top of the page.

Additionally the individual can easily access saved custom maps and past local searches. It’s important to note that past directions will only appear for individuals that are signed in with their Google Accounts and have enabled Web History. Past locations and directions can be removed easily by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to each item.

While this is a convenient update for anyone, it’s especially helpful for local businesses that thrive on repeat visits, such as shops, restaurants, and hotels.

[Image credit: MoneyBlogNewz]