Through the use of mobile browsers and apps, mobile shopping has become more popular among consumers.

According to Nielsen, nearly half of American smartphone owners (47 percent) used shopping apps during the month of June. The company looked at the mobile usage of more than 5,000 U.S. smartphone owners on both Android and iOS platforms.

Overall, 45 million smartphone owners used apps in the Shopping/Commerce category, accessing shopping apps an average of 17 times during June.

Mobile apps for eBay and Amazon are at the top of the list, bringing in 13 million and 12 million unique users, respectively. But while eBay customers spent more than an hour, on average, using its app, people spent significantly less time on Amazon Mobile (just over 18 minutes).

Similarly, retailers like Target and Walgreens saw an impressive increase in mobile traffic — likely from shoppers looking for the best in-store bargain. Daily deal sites also benefited. Groupon’s mobile app saw just under 12 million unique users, and LivingSocial ranked fifth with 4.3 million uniques.

“As more Americans use their smartphones while shopping and making purchases directly through apps, retailers should consider personalizing their targeted offerings around the needs of individual consumers,” stated Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Insights at Nielsen.

While not every business has a dedicated mobile app, this is a good time to ensure that your website is mobile-ready. Make sure that it’s fully functional on both Android and iOS devices, as well as user-friendly. If you publish deals or specials on site, also make sure that those translate well in the mobile version as well as across social media channels.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: UltraSlo1]