In an effort to encourage conversions directly from the mobile News Feed, Facebook is testing a new design for its mobile Page-Like Sponsored Story ads.

Sponsored Stories, which highlight actions take by fans on your Page, are the most interactive and organic of all the ads Facebook has to offer. Page Likes display when a someone Likes your Page, and currently include a thumbnail and a Like button.

The latest update features a horizontal image across the top, a longer description, and more context. Images and messaging are pulled directly from your Page’s cover photo, profile picture, and About section. Should this new design become the standard, you’ll want to consider how well your cover photo works when scaled down to fit mobile screens. It’s possible that a portion of it could be covered by your profile image.

A Facebook product manager told TechCrunch that this layout is an alternative to the current “Pages You May Like” module, which usually displays two or three Sponsored Stories at once. It also features a lot of gray space, something many members are likely to scroll past.

In this test, Facebook is promoting just one Sponsored Story with clearer context and a stronger call to action. If successful, it could increase clickthrough rates and Page Likes directly from the ad.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Horia Varlan]