Today Google has launched a new feature that will help advertisers combat accidental clicks on mobile banner ads.

Accidental clicks are not only annoying for the consumer, who is directed to a site they had no intention of visiting, but it’s also bad for the advertiser as you end up paying for a click that doesn’t have any value.

Originally introduced in October, the confirmed clicks approach reduces accidental clicks by prompting the consumer to confirm that he or she intended to click on the ad.

“We find that most accidental clicks on in-app image ads happen at the outer edge of the ad unit, like when you’re trying to click or scroll to nearby content,” stated Google in a blog post.

The functionality has been tested with a limit number of advertisers, but today it’s rolling out into all in-app image ad banners on smartphones. Now when someone clicks on the outer border of an ad, Google will prompt him or her to verify that he or she actually meant to click on the ad.

“In our initial tests, we found that confirmed clicks notably improve mobile conversion rates, with a slight decrease in clickthrough rates as accidental clicks are avoided,” explained the company.

While you might notice a slight decline in clickthroughs, you’re actually getting more bang for your buck as those that click are more likely turn into conversions.

[Image credit: B Rosen]