If you’re an advertiser wondering where to put your money, it appears the answer is in search. A recent survey of the mobile market found that search ads are overtaking display ads by a wide margin.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau found that mobile ad buyers in Europe and Asia are spending nearly three times more on search — a combined $2,284 million compared to $858 million. The difference is smaller in North America, but search is still heavily favored: $811 million compared to $572 million.

It’s possible that the smaller screens of mobile devices aren’t an ideal platform for display ads. Additionally, mobile ads in general are “inherently intrusive.”

This report follows Facebook’s news that advertisers can now control the placement

of their Sponsored Stories, including a new mobile-only option. The social network has been struggling to monetize its massive mobile user base, but it’s too soon to tell how successful this ad model will be.

In the meantime, the advertising industry remains hopeful of a mobile ad breakthrough. While we don’t recommend ditching display ads in favor of search based solely off this report, it’s worth examining your current ad strategy to see what is or isn’t working for you.

[Via: Paid Content, Image credit: toffehoff]