Teenagers, while not often considered a popular target audience, can wield some serious spending power. However, it’s important to know where that audience is. Teens use social media differently, which means that you might have to adapt your marketing strategy.

An analyst firm recently surveyed 7,700 teens across the U.S. It asked them to rank social networks — such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn — in order of preference.

Facebook was the first choice for 3,280 of the teens, followed by Twitter with 2,118 and Instagram with 928. Google+ somewhat surprisingly beat out Tumblr and Pinterest with 430 votes — specific counts for the latter two weren’t available. Only five respondents ranked LinkedIn first.

However, we don’t recommend putting all of your marketing eggs into one basket. While Facebook seems to be the preferred choice, Twitter (1,874) and Instagram (1,680) both outranked the social network (1,580) when it came to second-choice votes.

Marketing to teens can be a challenge. An earlier study found that only 50 percent of the teens surveyed use Facebook, and only six percent of those care to become fans of brands. We suggest adjusting your tone so you’re not trying to convince them to Like your brand, but rather focus on what your brand/product/service can do for them.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: chiesADIbeinasco]