Twitter yesterday announced a brand new mobile app promotion suite that aims to help marketers and developers drive app installs and app engagements both on Twitter and off. The full suite of targeting, creative, and measurement tools are being tested in private beta, but you might have already seen some examples of these app promotions on Twitter.

Because not everyone has access just yet, here’s a bit more information about what you can expect as well as how you can promote your app on Twitter in the meantime.

What This Means for Marketers

For marketers, this means a rich, native ad unit that combines the best of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets. As for members, they can easily install and engage with apps directly from the Twitter timeline. This could be much more effective than promoting a link to an app store, which could result in the loss of a potential customer in the process.

Facebook launched a similar mobile app ad product in June 2012, and The Wall Street Journal reported that members downloaded 245 million apps last year after seeing ads for them in their News Feeds. Although the same results aren’t guaranteed on Twitter, it seems likely that advertisers will see a significant boost once the friction of app installs is removed.

The Twitter Publisher Network

Off-site promotion is made possible through Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub and its mobile advertising exchange. As a result, you can now choose to run simultaneous marketing campaigns to more than 241 million active users on Twitter, and to more than 1 billion mobile devices off-Twitter, through

“Advertising campaigns run across the Twitter Publisher Network are automatically translated into programmatic bids on the MoPub exchange, on a level playing field with MoPub’s existing DSP partners,” explained Twitter. This should really help to simplify the process of running simultaneous campaigns on and off Twitter.

The new mobile app promotion suite is now available to U.S. advertisers in a private beta. Some of Twitter’s early beta partners, including Spotify, HotelTonight, Kabam, and Deezer, have already seen “promising” results. You can read testimonies from other beta partners — such as SeatGeek, GetTaxi, and GREE — in Twitter’s blog announcement.

In the Meantime

If you aren’t participating in the private beta but you still wish to promote your mobile app through Twitter, you’re not without options. In addition to Promoted Tweets, you can continue using Twitter’s existing promotional tools, specifically the App Card. Although it lacks the “download” button, it’s still a great way to drive awareness for your app on the platform while you wait for access to the new mobile promotion suite.

The best part about it is that Twitter auto-creates the App Card for tweets that contain links to either the App Store or Google Play. This requires very little effort on your part. By default, it’ll include the name, description, and icon for your app. If you’d like to highlight attributes such as rating and price, you will need to add some additional markup tags to your pages.

Because it doesn’t feature the “download” button, make sure that the text associated with your tweet includes a prominent call-to-action. This will help to minimize the loss of potential downloads. Additionally, make sure that all of the information on your app store profile is current and highlights the most enticing aspects of your app.

As we’ve said, mobile adoption is growing across social media. Twitter is finally giving you the tools necessary to create large-scale, rich, and well-targeted campaigns on the platform. Be sure to stay tuned for the public rollout, as well as additional features that can help give your advertising game a boost.

[Image credit: Cristiano Betta]