Have more to say than can fit in a text ad? Business owners can now promote their brands through video ads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recently revamped its profiles, making it easier for members to edit their information and connect with others. It seems that the company is also trying to make it easier for advertisers to connect with members.

The professional social network has announced the global roll-out of video ads available through its self-serve platform, LinkedIn Ads. Previously you were limited to text and image ads.

Moving forward, you will be able to import videos or use existing YouTube videos as part of your advertising campaign. Once clicked, the video will take over the entire 300×250 ad unit. And after watching, members will be able to click through to your company’s website.

Video ads — which are limited to 30 seconds — will compete for impressions the same way text and image ads do. You can learn more about these ads by logging in to your LinkedIn Ads account.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Phil Pond]