Launched in July, Sponsored Updates let the more than 3 million companies on LinkedIn pay to promote updates to a broader audience — as opposed to just those who already follow them. Today Lenovo, one of the first beta partners to experiment with the feature, revealed some of its results.

The company tracked its progress from May until June across four different areas, including brand, thought leadership, products, and external trends. By using Sponsored Updates, Lenovo was able to look at the different audiences and optimize content based on their reactions. This led to attracting new audiences since it was now serving members with the information they craved.

Lenovo’s content marketing campaign achieved a 17 percent lift in brand favorability and engagement rates four times better than display averages. The company was also able to take some of the feedback received on their content and turn it into something it could use for future product research.

“The bottom line for us was the fact that this was going to get us audiences that we don’t currently have, so we got all the people that are subscribing to following Lenovo on LinkedIn,” stated Lenovo’s social media chief Rod Strother. “What this was bringing us was a new audience, which is always important for us in building our community.”

Strother also noted that the company already plans to use Sponsored Updates in other markets, including North America. And with page views up 69 percent over last year, it’s clear that members are turning to LinkedIn for content. Marketers looking for an opportunity to use the platform to reach new audiences should consider Sponsored Updates.

All you need to get started with Sponsored Updates is an advertising account and a Company Page. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of recent updates that are eligible for promotion. The ad unit will be shown in the LinkedIn feed on desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices, and you pay on a CPC or CPM basis.

[Image credit: koka_sexton]