Speaking of the importance of visuals, LinkedIn added two new features to SlideShare this week that will impact anyone sharing infographics and other presentations through the service.

The content-sharing platform was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012, and now provides members with a new infographics player and an upgraded PRO product with enhanced analytics. Although SlideShare has hosted infographics in the past, the new player optimizes the viewing experience.

With it, all uploaded infographics will be automatically detected and displayed in the infographic directory. The company noted that these files must be uploaded in a one-page PDF format. While this will provide first-time uploaders with a pleasant user experience, we think that power users will really appreciate the auto-detection.

As with all SlideShares, viewers can easily share infographics with their networks on various social channels and embed them on other sites. Through the upgraded SlideShare PRO account, creators will now be able to drill down on engagement data, in addition to seeing how many views, downloads, and embeds your infographics have amassed.

LinkedIn continues to roll out products that help it expand beyond a job search engine. Recently the company added multimedia support, enabling members to add richer and more visual content to their profiles as well as the homepage. Not only was this a smart move for the platform, but it also entices visitors to spent more time on LinkedIn which is great for advertisers.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Sylvain Kalache]