Today LinkedIn unveiled two new mobile products that are designed to better connect recruiters and job candidates while also increasing productivity.

Although consumers are becoming increasingly more mobile — more than 30 percent of LinkedIn job views come from mobile and half of members who’ve applied for jobs have done so from mobile — the recruiting process is still very much chained to the desktop.

Not only does this make it difficult for candidates to search for, discover, and apply for jobs from their mobile devices, but it also limits recruiters because they can’t interact with candidates and hiring managers while on the go.

To remedy this, LinkedIn has introduced a new app called LinkedIn Recruiter. With this recruiters can do everything from responding to candidate InMails, to viewing members’ full profiles, to getting hiring manager feedback from candidates.

The app is free to existing LinkedIn Recruiter customers and is available today in the App Store. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can access it from your mobile device’s web browser at

LinkedIn also introduced Mobile Work With Us, which lets you showcase job openings on your employees’ mobile profiles — this is a great way to turn your team into brand ambassadors. Ads will be displayed at the top of members’ profiles, a place that is sure to drive a lot of engagement.

Mobile Work With Us is available today and is free as part of LinkedIn Work With Us.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Nan Palmero]