Last October, LinkedIn launched the ability to follow an exclusive group of Influencers on the platform. That group now includes more than 300 individuals sparking thought-provoking discussions, and the company is making it easier for professionals to find and engage with them.

LinkedIn has added several new abilities that will hopefully result in deeper and ongoing conversations around a specific topic. For example, you can now mention another LinkedIn member within a comment on an Influencer post. Similar to tagging a friend on Facebook, this action will notify the individual and provide them with an opportunity to join the conversation.

Conversations around Influencer posts are also much more consistent with other posts across the platform. LinkedIn added “likes” and the ability to respond directly to a specific comment — previously this was limited to status updates. You can also sort comments so you can quickly find the content that interests you most.

And finally, the company has integrated Influencers with its search results, making it easier than ever to locate thought-leaders as well as their most recent published posts. All of these updates are helpful whether you’re an Influencer or a professional looking for interesting content and inspiration.

For business professionals, it’s especially important to get involved in the conversations surrounding Influencers’ posts as it’s a great way to showcase yourself as a thought leader on a particular topic or within a specific industry. As an Influencer, this gives you an opportunity to engage in further conversation around your content.

In addition to the new features, LinkedIn also shared some fun facts about its Influencer initiative in the infographic below.

[Image credit: AskYourUsers (FB)]