When it comes to tracking mentions on social networks, LinkedIn probably doesn’t come to mind. And if it does, it likely follows social giants like Twitter and Facebook. But that could soon change thanks to a new feature that’s being tested by the professional social platform.

LinkedIn confirmed that it’s testing the ability to add Facebook-style mentions of people and companies in status updates and conversations. Not yet available for most accounts, the feature works just like it does on Facebook: it adds a link to the person or company and notifies that account about the mention.

Here’s what a spokesperson for the company had to say about the test: “We are currently testing the ability for members to directly mention each other in professional conversations on LinkedIn. This test is part of our ongoing efforts to help members further engage with their networks in meaningful ways across the LinkedIn platform.”

The social network might not be the first place consumers turn to talk about your brand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening — until now, there wasn’t really an easy way to tell. Getting notified when someone mentions your company could help boost engagement on LinkedIn. And this isn’t the first update the service has made with engagement in mind.

Last month, LinkedIn introduced its enhanced search product which includes auto-complete, suggested searches, and more. Unified Search should help to make the experience more “sticky,” meaning that people will be encouraged to explore the site further, including parts they might not normally use. This could lead to interesting discoveries and even more mentions.

LinkedIn members currently part of the test will see a new pop-up tip box near the status update box, which prompts you to type the name of a person or company. As you do so, an auto-complete drop-down menu will appear with your most likely choices (your connections) at the top. There’s no word on how many people are included in the test or when LinkedIn expects to roll it out further. We’ll keep you updated as more details are released.

In the meantime, we recommend making sure that your LinkedIn Company Page is up to date and branded to reflect your company’s messaging. If people are linking to it, you’ll want visitors to stick around. Additionally, if you’re looking to get more involved on the social network, start sharing and engaging with content on your homepage, or interact with community members in one of LinkedIn’s many Groups.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: woodleywonderworks]