This week, LinkedIn introduced redesigned Company Pages as part of a broader plan to simplify the experience had across the service.

The new look will give members easier access to the information they care about, whether it’s company news, career opportunities, or product information.

For companies, this means a more effective way to reach your target audience on the network. For example, company updates are now front and center, enabling individuals to quickly comment, like, or share updates with their networks.

This is an important change as the company has also removed the blog section. Moving forward, if you’d like to share your blog posts on LinkedIn, you should do so directly through your news feed.

More social networks are picking up on the power of photos, and LinkedIn is no exception. You’ll now be able to upload an image that best represents your company and brand, in addition to your profile photo.

Additionally, you will also be able to showcase your products, services, and career opportunities along the right side of the page. The new Career Pages offer you a chance to tell your story and make the hiring process a more personalized experience for job seekers.

And finally, LinkedIn noted that Company Pages are now available on its iPhone, Android, and iPad apps. Currently, the updated design is only available for select companies — such as Citi and Dell — and will be rolled out to all companies later this year.

[Image credit: Mario Sundar]