Facebook Offers have been around for a couple of years, but they’re still widely underused by businesses. When implemented correctly, Offers can help you increase sales by reaching existing and new customers, get people talking about you (they’re built for sharing), and boost referral traffic — both on foot and on the web.

A new study by G/O Digital found that 84 percent of the consumers polled believe Offers on Facebook are important to their in-store purchasing decisions. Additionally, 59 percent said they visited the brand’s Facebook Page at least once a week before choosing to make a purchase.

If those statistics aren’t enough to pique your curiosity, here are a few examples of how businesses successfully integrated Facebook Offers into their marketing strategies.


1-800-FLOWERS, the world’s leading florist and gift shop, used Facebook to raise awareness of its special Mother’s Day offers and drive purchases. In addition to a high-impact Logout Experience ad, the brand also ran a “$15 off” Offer, which it promoted using Page Post ads. The Offer targeted Mother’s Day shoppers and drove fans to buy from the company’s e-commerce site. The campaign went a step further by encouraging people to log in using Facebook on the 1-800-FLOWERS website to personalize their shopping experience and see which products their friends had liked.

Ads and Offers helped the company reach new customers and led to a big increase in sales. As a result of the campaign, 1-800-FLOWERS saw a 300 percent increase in transactions (12,000 versus 4,000) and a 168 percent increase in Login with Facebook sessions compared to the previous year’s Mother’s Day campaign. Additionally, by supplementing its Offers with Facebook Ads, the company saw a 15 times increase in reach to 29 million on Mother’s Day.

Castle Auto Group

Castle Auto Group had three goals when it began advertising on Facebook in 2007: reach consumers in local markets more efficiently; grow its audience of people who wanted to stay informed about the dealership’s content and offerings; and build awareness around its dealerships, products, and services.

In order to achieve those goals, the company employed an “always-on” media strategy on Facebook. It used Offers to promote Facebook-exclusive deals and reward loyal customers while driving more people into dealerships. More importantly, it utilized Custom Audiences to tailor content to specific groups, such as reaching service customers with service coupons and special offers.

One deal in particular provided a buy-one-get-one-free oil change, which yielded a 24 times return on ad spend and a nine percent redemption rate.

LG Household & Health Care

In business since 1947, the Korean cosmetics manufacturer wanted to increase the number of shoppers at Beaute, the retail outlet that carries LG H&H brands, and encourage them to buy more of its health and beauty products. In addition to building a new Facebook Page for Beaute, the company created a Facebook Offer for 10,000 Korean won (about $9 USD) worth of products and promoted the Offer through Facebook Ads.

Whenever someone claimed the Offer, Facebook Ads highlighted to their networks that they had claimed it. As a result, the rate of people claiming the Offer kept increasing until the end of the campaign. At its conclusion, 99,019 Offers had been claimed. Additionally, LG Household & Health’s campaign yielded 50 times the average redemption rate of comparable online coupon services and 3.65 times return on ad spend.

MGM Resorts International

In order to reach new customers for its resorts and build loyalty over time for fans, MGM Resorts International ran more than a dozen Facebook Offers to drive room bookings. Discounts included ARIA Resort & Casino, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, The Mirage, and New York-New York. Offers typically included a resort credit and an upgrade in exchange for booking two nights.

MGM Resorts targeted fans and friends of fans with Offers. And in order to scale the impact of word of mouth, the brand also let people know when their friends had claimed an Offer. As a result, the resort saw an average of three times return on ad spend using Facebook Offers. By combining Offers with other Facebook products, MGM Resorts acquired two fans organically for every fan gained through Facebook media.

As you can see from these examples, Facebook Offers certainly become more powerful when combined with other Facebook products. It’s recommended that you explore the social network’s additional ad offerings to see how they can compliment your Offers strategy for optimal return.

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