Following the addition of Blogger, Klout has quietly added WordPress to its social influence measuring service.

Klout already relies on a variety of platforms – including Blogger and Tumblr – to measure influence. Scores are based on actions such as the number of retweets received on Twitter or how many likes a picture gets on Instagram.

“People love WordPress and have put a ton of effort creating their blogs and building and influencing their audience,” Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Mashable.

To add WordPress to your account, just click on its icon below your name on your profile. You’ll be asked to provide your username and password. It isn’t clear if those using a self-hosted WordPress account will benefit from this integration.

The company was also tight-lipped  on what will be measured, but it’s safe to assume that comments and possibly pageviews will play a significant role.

Fernandez also alluded to the fact that Klout will be adding support for more platforms in the near future. “Our goal is to measure influence everywhere it occurs. [Posterous, Quora, Yelp] and many others are on our roadmap.”

For businesses this is just one more metric that will help to determine who and where your brand evangelists are. Additionally, it will help to better measure your influence, especially if you have an active company blog on the WordPress platform.

[Via: Mashable]