Klout, known for measuring influence across social platforms, announced today that it will be rolling out Topic Pages, which aim to provide more context about a specific topic.

Klout is an analytics tool that measures social influence based on behavior across a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and most recently Flickr, Blogger, Last.fm, Instagram and Tumblr. The website takes a close look at quantitative signals of influence, such as reblogs on Tumblr, or comments and likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Topic Pages tell you who the top influencers in a category are, who’s received the most +K – social influence points distributed by the Klout community – and the most influential content within a category. Just as your score regularly fluctuates to reflect your current level of influence, the rankings on Topic Pages will change daily based on the content created.

“This is a big step for us in turning Klout into more of a utility around search and discover instead of pure vanity of checking your score,” explains Joe Fernandez, CEO at Klout. “This is a really early version of where we plan to take this but it speaks to our belief that every person who creates content has influence. Our goal is just to understand what they are influential about and who they influence.”

Last month Klout offered influencers a perk, which granted early access to the new Topic Pages. “We’ve received positive reactions from select users who previewed the Topic Pages earlier, and we’re excited to expand that group now,” said Chris Makarsky, product manager at Klout, in today’s blog post. While initially open to those who opted into the perk, Klout is letting more people in every day.

Moving forward Klout says that it plans to add analytics, trends, and more to its Topic Pages. It’s interesting to see the attention move from individuals onto topics and categories. Individuals and businesses can both benefit in terms of recognition and brand evangelism.

[Via: The Next Web]