Today the social media influence-measuring site Klout has introduced several improvements to its Perks program.

Klout Perks enable you to offer exclusive goods and services to members with influence, based on their Klout Scores.

Previously a web-based experience, members can now discover and claim Perks directly from Klout’s iPhone app. Users will be notified through push notifications of pre-qualified Perks and claim them with just a few taps.

Also new is Klout’s integration with Apple’s Passbook — the company’s new digital wallet. Members can add their “Klout Card” to Passbook, which displays their names, photos, and Klout Scores. The Klout Card also features a QR code that individuals can “show off” at businesses to gain access to special services and experiences.

Finally, Klout Perks are now more relevant to individual members than ever before, which should help to increase their claim rates. And if a Perk fills up before everyone has had a chance to claim it, members can add themselves to a wait-list just in case new spots open up.

Klout seems to be hit or miss for many, but still attracts several social media enthusiasts. While the service might not be the best fit for every branch of your company — such as recruiting — it can still be a valuable marketing tool.

[Image credit: Rondo Estrello]