While people seem to have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of Klout, it still remains popular among social media enthusiasts. And it appears that some of the world’s biggest brands are fans as well.

In July 2010, the company launched Klout Perks, a program that enables brands to offer exclusive goods and services to members with influence — based on their Klout scores. This week, Klout has shared some interesting facts about the program, but it didn’t offer any insight on actual success metrics.

The company has delivered almost 700,000 Perks across 350 campaigns since the featured launched. More than 300 brands have participated, including Disney, Microsoft, HBO, American Express, Chevy, Spotify, and more.

Although customers are enjoying the free perks — members have given them an average customer satisfaction rating of four out of five stars — this data doesn’t mention how it has impacted brand awareness. And with popular partners like Disney and HBO, is it really fair to assume that Klout had a hand in creating awareness? It would be interesting to see how smaller brands and businesses have benefited (or not) from the program.

Despite the gray area, it appears that there is a strong interest among brands. This month marks the first time that Klout has been able to offer a different Perk for 30 consecutive days.

The company’s recently launched Brand Squads are also taking off, with HBO’s True Blood and Turner’s Falling Skies and Dallas joining Red Bull, which was the program’s initial partner. According to Klout, more Brand Squads will launch in the coming months.

Say what you will about Klout, but the service doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Klout said it will continue offering better ways for brands to target influencers and higher standards for Perks.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Rondo Estrello]