Social media influence-measuring site Klout has announced that Facebook Pages will now integrate into your Klout score.

Your Klout score is a measurement of your impact and influence across several social networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and so on. Previously, you could only link your Facebook account to your Klout profile, but Pages you owned weren’t an option.

Moving forward Klout will take into account the number of fans you have and how many people are talking about your Page when compiling your score.

Once you have given Klout permission to access your Facebook account, you can click “Connect” next to the name of the Page you wish to add. It’s important to note that if you add a Facebook page, it will replace your personal Facebook profile. It’s possible that you could see a drop in score if your profile was more influential than your Page.

The company also noted that your Facebook Page content will soon appear as “Moments” on your Klout profile. A Moment is a “social media post that has generated action from people in your networks.”

Although there is still some skepticism around whether Klout is a reliable measurement of influence, it still has some benefits for businesses. For example, it allows you to gauge how interactive individuals are across social networks. This is great for fans of your brand because they can see how likely you are to engage. Additionally, it could help you discover brand evangelists.