Controversial social media influence-measuring site Klout has announced its own versions of brand pages, but so far the only partner with access to the new program testing out these pages is Red Bull. The pages are called Klout “Brand Squads” and they’re not exactly what you’d expect.

Brand Squads let members of Klout see a brand’s top influencers, monitor the latest updates about the brand, and earn perks. Perks are rewards given to socially influential people by a brand or by Klout itself, meant to be incentives to spread the word.

Since Klout Brand Squads are in beta testing, you can’t sign up for them yet. But you can at least look at them and get a heads up at what’s coming.

Klout uses an algorithm to look at your activity and connections on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare and pump out metrics like “True Reach,” “Amplification,” and “Network.” It summarizes all these metrics into one numerical score.

Your Klout score is also influenced by use of Klout itself, which is just one of a number of issues that have drawn Klout a fair amount of criticism. Regardless, it has become popular among social media enthusiasts.

You can read more about the new Klout Brand Squads on Klout’s official blog, or you can just go check out Red Bull’s Brand Squad page.