Social media adoption shows no signs of slowing down, and for businesses and organizations all over the globe, that’s a really good thing. Our own Sprout Social app — designed to help you manage all that social media activity —expanded its reach significantly this week with the introduction of our all-new app for iPhone and iPad.

Further afield, we spoke with the International Paralympic Committee to get its perspective on how the organization is using social media to showcase the important upcoming Games. And as we all know, whether you’re posting updates about the nobility of international sporting competitions, or the merits of your latest product update, you’re bound to get some interactions that aren’t always favorable to your brand. No matter, one of our features this week delved into how you can actually turn negative comments about your brand into positive talking points or determine where your social strategy may need to improve.

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Introducing Sprout’s All-New App for iPhone and iPad

Sprout Social Launches Redsigned iOS App

We’re excited to announce that our new and improved app for iPhone and iPad is now available in the App Store.

The app has been completely reimagined to make it even easier to respond to your customers, schedule messages, and monitor performance – no matter where you are. In addition to a complete redesign, the app includes more than 200 enhancements, as well as some fun hidden features. Here are a few of them. [ Read More… ]

The 2014 Paralympic Games Tells Us How to Use Social for Live Events and a Big Mission


The athletic competitions in Sochi, Russia aren’t over yet. Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics have closed, the time draws near for the sister event, the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. On March 7-16, athletes will compete in five different events to bring acclaim to themselves, their countries, and their communities.

All this and more is run by the International Paralympic Committee, based in Bonn, Germany. This organization conducts education, research, and development focused on people with impairments, and the Paralympic Winter and Summer Games are one of the highlights. The event has grown into one of the world’s largest multi-sport events, backed by a formal cooperation agreement with the International Olympic Committee. [ Read More… ]

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews of Your Business

Negative Reviews Article Main Image

Bad online reviews can be the death of a business as increasingly connected customers research their purchases — and complain when they’ve had a business dealing that didn’t go their way. We talked to some experts about how best to handle negative feedback that’s painfully public.

“Negative reviews can have massive effects because everyone loves knowing about the experiences that other shoppers have had,” explains Kyle Willis, CEO of No to the Quo. “I had a client who reached out for help because he had someone who didn’t have a positive experience who then made it a mission to let the world know about it. My client said that negative review cost the company over a million dollars in business over a year.”
[

[Image credit: The Department for Culture, Media and Sports]