Businesses looking to install digital store menus and displays or to supply employees with affordable on-the-go computing solutions will be glad to learn that Apple’s iPad 2 — last year’s model of the tablet — will drop in price down to $399 on March 16. That’s $100 cheaper than it was previously.

The price drop accompanies the launch of the new iPad, which has a higher-resolution display, faster 4G mobile internet, better cameras, and more computing power.

Though the iPad 2 was formerly available with 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes of storage, the larger storage sizes will be reserved for the new iPad. Only the 16 GB model will continue this month, but it will still come in two versions — one with 3G mobile data (for $529) and one with only Wi-Fi for internet access ($399).

This lower price point opens up tablets to all sorts of businesses and organizations that couldn’t justify the expense before — for example, some schools can now afford to purchase iPads for their students. Restaurants can offer iPad menus and retail stores can invite visitors to check in for discounts using iPads at the register.

For purposes like those, it’s hard to argue that you’d need one of the fancier, new iPads, which now sell at the same price points that the iPad 2 occupied last year.