Internet Explorer Security Article Main Image

The security of your data is very important to us at Sprout Social. When there’s a security issue that can affect your ability to represent your business on the web, we want to make sure you know about it.

That’s why we’re sharing that a critical vulnerability has been discovered in all versions of the Internet Explorer browser. Sprout Social recommends that all customers refrain from using IE until Microsoft releases a fix. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are all alternatives that are safe to use.

This vulnerability is particularly bad because it only requires you to visit a malicious web page or look at a malicious email with Internet Explorer for an attacker can gain control of the computer. Security researchers have already discovered attackers exploiting this vulnerability so it is important that any IE user switches to another browser immediately.

This does not affect the security of the Sprout platform in any way; as a courtesy we would like to ensure all of our users have the safest Internet experience possible and that their social profile data is secure. If you’d like more information, Microsoft has released an official statement and technical details are also available.