The internet and social media has connected strangers far and wide by allowing us to engage in quick or in-depth conversations. But this doesn’t mean that connecting in-person isn’t important. Your brand still needs to physically connect and interact with its customers. But how do you measure these touch points? This week, we discussed just how to attribute ROI to in-person events.

Create Buzz With These Best Practices

Make sure that your connecting the digital world with the physical world by incorporating your brand attributes and an event hashtag throughout your space. Brainstorm and document your strategy beforehand and really understand what your goals and objectives are before investing your time and resources into an event.

Take What You’ve Experienced at Events & Apply Those Learnings

Branded or not, we’ve all attended an event. Think of what you’ve loved and disliked about the previous business events or conferences you’ve attended and apply these special touches to your own in-person marketing opportunity.

Understand How Events Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Events can have a long term impact on business contacts. Attribute ROI to your in-person efforts by tracking referrals, maintaining relationships, measuring attendee engagement and facilitating a digital conversation before and after your event.

Make Authentic Connections

Networking can be a daunting task, even for marketers. Seize your in-person event opportunity to make authentic connections by just being yourself. While this is often easier said then done, attendees and peers will appreciate a host who finds commonalities between themselves and others and follows up after the event.

Interact & Engage With Attendees

Make your brand memorable by interacting and engaging with attendees in way that’s natural, yet unexpected. Invest in an eye catching, interactive booth or swag that guests will find useful. When executed properly, both can keep your brand top of mind.

Be Personal

It’s important to follow-up with attendees after an event. Sending a personalized, handwritten thank you note or email is a good way to stand out. However, make sure that you tread carefully and aren’t being too invasive or going right for the sale.

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