Think about Apple.

What stands out more about the multinational tech company: The brand name or the human counterpart you associate with the brand, Steve Jobs?

People don’t simply buy products from an established name like Apple, they’ve bought products from the brilliant yet relatable guy who stepped on stage to introduce the revolutionary tech that changed their lives.

Apple’s success is deeply intertwined with the human behind the brand.

Commerce is no longer just about making a sale. It’s about establishing a connection. One based on some of the most vital human values out there: Trust, honesty and authenticity.

B2B companies can hit these emotional needs. They need to. Because a fundamental truth in marketing is that there are human needs and values behind what every company has to offer. Sure, that’s a recognized fact, but marketing efforts don’t always align with that truth.

Business thinking is quickly evolving past the impersonal, transactional approach to customer relationships. In the human to human era, decision makers and consumers alike need to be excited and inspired by the solutions they choose.

Human to human means inviting people into your brand’s story. Nurture relationships with those that connect with your brand and dive deeper into the promise of what your brand does.