Staying informed and in-the-know about what’s happening in your industry can be a daunting task. With real-time content being published on a wide range of websites, blogs, social media platforms, and applications, you could spend your entire day just catching up on the latest news.

Launched in March, 2012, and re-designed a few months later, LinkedIn Today is a content discovery tool that finds the headlines that are important to you. Instead of aggregating content from all over the web, LinkedIn Today shows you news being posted and shared by your professional LinkedIn network.

By filtering out extraneous sources of information, you’re getting a quick look at your industry, the people in it, and what matters most to you. Even if you’re already using a host of news apps or websites to check for breaking news and interesting content, here’s how you can leverage LinkedIn Today to keep up with your industry more efficiently and effectively.

Follow Key Industries

LinkedIn Today allows you to search and follow-up to 41 of the 115 industries listed in its directory. Selecting any of these industries presents you with articles and content being shared by people within those verticals.

For example, the “Careers & Recruiting” industry provides a host of content about landing the perfect job, how to do well with a phone interview, and trends in recruitment. With hundreds of thousands of followers, not only can you brush up on recent news, you can comment and interact with influential members and industry experts.

Add Sources For More Information

In addition to industries, LinkedIn Today allows you to follow close to 400 sources for even more content. Everything from Ad Age and Ars Technica to ZDNet and Zillow are covered.

Sources offer a different angle on your quest to stay on top of your industry. For example, selecting YouTube as a source yields an array of trending topics that are being discussed in a wide variety of industries. Following a variety of sources can help you broaden your interests and knowledge on any number of subjects.

Customize Your Daily Content

Like any good daily news source, LinkedIn Today can also be delivered to your Inbox in a daily, or weekly digest email. With just a little bit of effort and customization on your part, Today really can become a comprehensive look inside your industry, interests or hobbies.

LinkedIn’s own executives admit that the service is still in its infancy and has a lot of potential for future growth. One such improvement to come is the ability not only to customize your own news, but also see what others in your network are reading. LinkedIn’s vision is that you could complete advanced searches such as “stories that CEOs in the Bay Area are reading” or “Articles about social media that community managers are reading”.

A free service built on a premium business model, LinkedIn Today gives you a reason to come back to the networking site often and contribute your own content and opinions. More than just a news aggregator, Today is a filter that recognizes how precious your time is and answers that problem by providing you with only the most relevant and timely stories for you to read.

Whether Today becomes your source of daily news, replaces your morning paper or becomes just another bookmark is yet to be seen. For now, it provides an interesting way to remain connected to your professional network and makes keeping on top of your industry just a little more manageable.