It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week we’ll show you how to report (and block) spammers on Twitter.

There’s an old expression that says: “A rising tide lifts all boats,” which basically means that positive things can sometimes benefit everyone. Conversely, spam on Twitter benefits no one — it shows up as clutter in your Twitter timeline, and lessens the Twitter experience for everyone. Here’s how to report a Twitter spammer and clean up your timeline at the same time.

Why Is There Spam on Twitter?

According to Twitter’s Terms of Service, spamming is specifically prohibited, and any account deemed to be a spam account may be removed from Twitter. It lists an “evolving” criteria for what constitutes spam and it actively searches and deletes spam accounts. The trouble is, with over 300 million accounts and 300 millions tweets per day, sometimes some spam makes it thorough Twitter’s filters.

The good news is, you can usually recognize a Twitter spammer when you see one. For example, if an account has no followers with a few hundred tweets, or if the account’s timeline is made up of nothing but variations of the same tweet over and over again, then the account is probably a spam account. If you see an account that you believe to be spam, Twitter actually encourages you to report it to them. The process below, shows you the quickest, most efficient way to go about this.

How to Report a Spammer

To report a spammer, first click on the account name in your Twitter timeline. You will see details of the account (including a look at the account’s Twitter timeline) in the right hand column of your Twitter home page. Click the silhouette icon and you’ll be presented with options to block the account or report it for spam.

Blocking the account will remove it from your timeline and prevent the account from following or replying to you. Reporting the account for spam will not only block the account, it will also alert Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Team” to review the account. Twitter advises that you may not immediately see the offending account suspended, presumably to allow time for Twitter to investigate the infraction and determine whether or not the account is indeed a spam account.

Don’t let spammers continue to inflict their assaults on legitimate Twitter members. By reporting Twitter spammers, you clear the clutter just a little bit and make Twitter a better place for everyone.

[Source: All Twitter; Image Credit: Twitter]