To effectively promote your music venue on Twitter, consider interacting with the performers who draw your audience in. Highlight the sites, sounds and conversations around your music venue to build a sense of community among your patrons, your venue, and your performers.

Here are some effective techniques to promote your music venue on Twitter that will leave your target audience cheering for more.

Upload Pictures of the Venue and Performers

Although music is obviously audio-based, don’t discount the power of using images to promote your music venue on Twitter. People are very responsive to image links on Twitter, so be sure to upload plenty of pictures of your music venue and the acts who perform there.

There are a number of image-hosting applications you can use to upload pictures of your venue, such as Twitpic, or Twitter’s official imaging-sharing feature. Pick an image-sharing application that allows people to comment and share your uploaded images.

Add value to the image by including a comment that explains where and when the picture was taken, who’s performing, and so on. Twitter has a nice new feature that displays your most recent uploaded pictures right on your profile. This gives your pictures even more exposure every time someone clicks on your profile.

Get creative with your images. For example, add your URL to some of your pictures. Although the website address won’t be clickable, some people will be curious enough to type the URL into their browsers to find out more about your venue.

Use Lists and Hashtags to Promote Performers

Twitter Lists are a great way to group together fans of the bands that play at your music venue. For example, you could create a list for “Band X” and promote the list on your Twitter account. Ask your existing followers if they’d like to join specific lists to interact with fellows fans. Of course, don’t forget to add the performers to the appropriate lists. Encourage them to interact with fans to build a community around your music venue’s Twitter account.

Use hashtags to start and moderate conversations about the bands who perform at your venue. Hashtags are a great way to introduce your performers to your followers, and vice versa. Very much like lists, you can create a new hashtag for every band, or even for each specific performance. What better way to prep an audience for an upcoming performance than to provide access to the performers themselves?

The key is to foster a relationship between your venue, the performers, and the fans. When fans come to realize that your music venue offers so much more than just the show, you’ll have new followers flocking to your Twitter account — and to your venue!

Encourage Performers to Share Their Music

Chances are, if you’re a music venue owner, you don’t control any of the music that your performers play. In other words, as much as you’d like to promote your performers’ music on Twitter, you can’t — unless your performers have made their music publicly available online.

Before paying to see live music, most people want to hear what the act is going to sound like. So, tweets linking to your performers’ music is an effective way to promote both the performers, and your music venue.

Find out if your performers have made their music publicly available. If not, suggest music-sharing applications like and These are specifically designed to help performers interact and share their music on Twitter. Once your performers are actively sharing their music, it becomes easier to promote their music and your music venue.

Do you use Twitter to promote your music venue? Share your experiences below.

[Image Credits: NRK P3, Racingmix, Hanne LK]