It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business. This week we’ll show you how to share information with customers or fans by adding blog post-like Notes to your Facebook Page.

You might associate Notes in your mind with personal profiles — after all, they’re most often used by people with regular Facebook profiles to blog about their lives. But you can make Notes for Facebook Pages just as easily as you can for profiles.

Since Facebook limits the length of status updates, Notes can be a good way to make announcements to customers or fans when more detail is required — for example, when releasing a public statement about a controversy, or telling a story about the people who work in your company.

First, log in to your Page on Facebook. If you normally use your personal profile, you can do this by clicking on the tiny arrow in the top-right corner of any page on the Facebook website, then clicking “Use Facebook as Page.”

Now, when you’re logged in, you’ll be taken directly to your Page — but this isn’t usually where Facebook’s application for writing and publishing Notes can be found! Once you’re logged in, click on the word “Facebook” in the top-left corner of the site.

This takes you to your Page’s News Feed, where you can see updates from other Pages that you’ve liked while logged in as yours. To the left of the news feed you’ll see a number of options under the word “Apps,” usually including Photos, Questions, Links, and — you guessed it — Notes.

Click “Notes” and the News Feed will be replaced by a page that will say (if you haven’t yet composed any Notes) “No one has written any notes.” There are two places on this page where you can click “Write a Note” — a button and a blue link. Click one to get started!

You’ll be taken to the Note composing screen. Under “Title,” write something short and punchy that lets people quickly identify what the Note is about. The next field — labelled “Body” — is where you type all the content of your note. Below that, you can tag other Pages; depending on their settings and their approval, this may make your note appear on those Pages too. Next, you can attach photos to your Note.

Click “Save Draft” to save your progress without publishing the Note. If you want to see what the Note will look like to readers without publishing it, click “Preview.” And of course, click “Publish” when you’re finished!

Was this tip helpful? Do you have any questions, or great ideas about how to use it to improve your customers’ experiences? Let us know in the comments!