As a SaaS B2B company, LinkedIn has become an increasingly important part of our social strategy. Our senior leadership is always interested in our LikedIn follower demographics and wants to better understand how this group is interacting with our content.

That’s why Sprout’s LinkedIn Company Pages Report is so important for our team. It makes it easier for us to distill and present valuable data and insight to internal stakeholders. Monitoring the activities and demographic data of our Page followers—particularly, knowing the industries to which they belong and tracking content engagement patterns—has been crucial in managing and evolving our LinkedIn strategy.

We also use the report to track the progress of our overarching business goals. One of our team’s 2015 objectives is to grow our LinkedIn Page community to include more followers that are at the Director level or higher. The follower demographics section of the report aggregates the professional titles of those who are following our Page, which gives us a clear sense of who our audience is and helps us target our content accordingly. With the LinkedIn Company Pages Report we’re able to measure and monitor our 2015 goal and identify that 31% of our followers are at the Director level or higher.

Sprout Social LinkedIn Company Pages Report

Engagement metrics like impressions, comments, clicks and shares help us understand which content is contributing to our Page’s overall success. We’re even able to map our publishing behavior against our impressions and draw correlations between outbound message volume and its positive or negative impact on audience growth. With access to this insight we were able to demonstrate a 4.3% gain in followers and a 373.7% increase in published posts over the course of four months. Since its launch, the LinkedIn Pages Report has been a beneficial addition to our reporting suite and has empowered our team with the data we need to analyze trends and draw conclusions that influence our digital marketing efforts.