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For most of us, Mondays are a drag that pulls us away from a relaxing weekend and back into the daily grind of work, work, and more work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Agencies across the United States and elsewhere have realized that creative workers need places that inspire creativity.

For the folks who work at these agencies, Mondays can be something to look forward to, with cool offices and plenty of perks for getting out of bed and making the commute to work Monday — and every other day of the week. These agencies match the innovation and taste of their work with innovation and taste in their spaces.

Praytell Strategy, Brooklyn

praytell strategy office

Praytell aims to make coming to work every day an awesome experience with a lofty, two-story Brooklyn studio overlooking the Manhattan Bridge and a culture that’s hard to beat.

With its basketball hoop (and Dunk of the Day videos), pumping tunes, endless supply of Swedish Fish, weekly happy hours, spontaneous lunches, and a smattering of half days and beer runs to celebrate the agency’s rapidly growing business, Praytell is investing in office culture to spur creativity and great ideas that benefit its clients.

“Big ideas need room to grow. We started out in a temporary office space that was super scrunched. The minute we moved into our new space we felt an immediate difference in creative output,” says Praytell founder Andy Pray. “Space matters.”

Sparxoo, Tampa

sparxoo office tampa

Sparxoo makes the most of its space in the urban jungle of Tampa. At its downtown loft, there are no corner offices — leaving all staff to sit together kumbaya style to maximize collaboration and synergy. There’s a place to collaborate, an area to relax, a spot to brainstorm, and a space to create — not to mention the best lunch spots are right outside the door.

There are weekly mid-day yoga sessions — which perk up the brain much better than an afternoon nap — and plenty of impromptu fun for team bonding, like office pizza parties, trivia nights, bar hopping, and scavenger hunts. “It all comes down to balancing work and play,” says Grace Northern, Senior Manager of Public Relations & Strategic Communications at Sparxoo. “We work so hard that it’s only fair we play just as hard!”

McMURRY/TMG, New York City

tmg new york city office

McMURRY/TMG makes its home in four ultra-modern offices across the country, with a sophisticated New York City headquarters as well as offices in Washington D.C., Phoenix, and Saratoga Springs.

An internal music initiative called “McMURRY/TMG Tunes” gives staff access to playlists from different departments within the company — plus the company gifted employees with a set of branded Skullcandy headphones to listen to their cross-country colleague’s music selections while working.

Fun events are a regular occurrence, from rooftop happy hours in D.C. to softball games in Phoenix, with yoga, food truck days, holiday potlucks, and free food Fridays — though often staff will opt skip the free lunch and donate to a local charity instead. “Creating a work environment that inspires creativity and entrepreneurship is key to our success and retaining staff,” says Matt Peterson, CEO of McMURRY/TMG. “Many of the perks we offer are our way of infusing fun into the everyday work routine.”

Gupta Media, Boston

gupta media office boston

Located in Boston’s Back Bay, Gupta Media‘s space is super modern but with huge windows overlooking historic Boston — but the perks don’t end with great office space. For warming up cold Boston winters there’s a holiday party in Miami, while during the summer the entire company was invited to dip into the summerFUNd — where the company paid for employees to go out so long as they shared photos.

“Some people did flights over Acadia, trapeze lessons, whale watching, etc,” says Gogi Gupta, founder of Gupta Media. “It was a great team building thing — people equally enjoyed doing something cool and seeing their coworkers doing fun things.”

The company also does killer anniversary presents for employees, from trips to music festivals to the latest Sony PlayStation. And for anyone who’s been there a year, Gupta will pay for professional housecleaning — because after putting in a hard day at the office, who wants to clean house?

The S3 Agency, Boonton NJ

s3 agency office boonton nj

Located in an old bank building on the quaint main street of Boonton, New Jersey, The S3 Agency‘s cool offices have small town charm even though it’s only 35 miles outside of New York City. One S3 “perk” you won’t find at other agencies: The building is said to be haunted by a ghost known as the Blue Lady, who’s occasionally spotted by employees and clients.

For the company’s birthday, the team donates time to charity. “This month, in honor of our lucky 13th anniversary, we made paper mâché enrichment toys for animals at the local zoo — including a birthday cake structure for the wolves,” says Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency.

And for employee birthdays, there are birthday breakfasts, ranging from yogurt with fruit and granola; to bagels with all the trimmings; to waffles and ice cream; to mini boxes of cereal — all a lot more interesting than the standard birthday cake!

Brains On Fire, Greenville SC

brains on fire office greenville sc

Located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, Brains On Fire‘s office — or, as the team calls it, the Firesphere — is a historic building with modern design sensibilities.

“At Brains on Fire we strive to create a culture that not only fosters creativity and innovative thinking, but also attracts and retains top talent,” explains Robbin Phillips, Courageous President of Brains On Fire. “Whether it’s our dog-friendly office policy, self-appointed job titles, a never-ending stockpile of peanut M&Ms, or team happy hours, it’s important that everyone feels energized and excited to be part of what we’re doing when they walk through the front door each day. Great work happens when people are happy and having fun. It’s as simple as that.”

For workers inclined to take a break to get some fresh air and sunshine, there’s a rooftop deck (with Wi-Fi, of course) and the office is just steps away from Falls Park on the Reedy.

Red Door Interactive, San Deigo

red door interactive office san diego

The swanky new downtown office of Red Door Interactive makes it easy to see why the business has been named one of San Diego’s best places to work for the past 7 years. “You can get tons of work done at home but I think people come to the office for human interaction — to see colleagues and friends and to collaborate in order to help each other win,” says Reid Carr, CEO.

The space was designed specifically to reduce stress and promote collaboration with bright, open areas that follow a homey theme. The office’s spaces all follow that theme, with names like family room, dining room, workshop (complete with garage door), and balcony (a conference room that floats above the office).