Here's How Brands Are Using Facebook for Social RecruitingJust as social media enables you to attract new customers, it can also benefit you when it comes to recruiting new employees. Thanks to universal adoption across industries, social media has given recruiters unprecedented access to massive groups of people who are sharing their experience and expertise online. As a result recruiters — much like marketers — are now using social media as part of a multi-channel strategy to find leads and “nurture them to hire.”

That’s why we offer a social media recruiting app that lets you list up to 3 jobs for free on your Facebook Page. Not only does hiring through your company’s and employees’ networks result in higher quality candidates, but those hires tend to be processed faster and stay on the job longer. With statistics like these, there should be no question about how important social is to bringing in the right job candidates.

We’ve already explored the different reasons why recruiters are adopting social, and now it’s time to look at how they’re doing it. And while LinkedIn is still top dog in terms of social recruitment, Facebook is steadily gaining steam. Here are just a few stand-out examples of brands leveraging Facebook for engaging with and recruiting candidates.

Marriott Hotels

With more than 1.2 million Likes, the Marriott Jobs and Careers Facebook Page is definitely doing something right. First and foremost, the brand puts its open jobs front and center in its About section. And though it points visitors to the Marriott website, it also provides interested individuals with a Facebook App where they can search jobs right on the social network.


But the Page is far from a dry recruiting hub; the admins running it regularly engage with fans by highlighting what it’s like to work at Marriott, spotlighting existing employees, and posting fun, conversational posts like this one. Even better, the team behind the Page make sure to react to each and every interaction, even if it’s just Liking an individual’s comment.

Taco Bell

One of the best ways to get people excited about working for your company is to highlight your employees and company culture. The Taco Bell Careers Facebook Page takes advantage of this by showcasing the people behind the brand, whether it’s reposting an employee’s selfie or giving fans a sneak-peek into a long-held company tradition.


Taco Bell also uses this Page to highlight positive contributions and other interesting projects the brand and its employees are involved with. Recruiting doesn’t stop once the hire process is complete. You want to retain team members and turn them into ambassadors for your brand, so it’s just as important to empower and engage existing employees as potential ones.


In addition to highlighting company culture and celebrating employees’ achievements, Accenture Careers in the US takes advantage of Facebook’s increasingly visual nature with sharable images and videos. Using vibrant colors and interesting statistics and fun facts, the brand helps spread awareness around its openings through visuals rather than text-based updates.

As you know, combining visual content with your text update not only helps capture the attention of fans as they scroll through News Feed or your Timeline, but it can also help extend your reach as viewers share media with their networks. According to a 2013 study, Facebook photos are Liked more than twice as often as text updates. So even if you’re sharing a link to an article, make sure that post has a compelling image associated with it so it’ll stand out more.


Outreach is at the core of your recruiting strategy. If you’re not engaging with candidates and employees, then you’ll likely have a harder time maximizing your recruitment efforts. Although we focused on Facebook for this article, it’s far from the only social platform that recruiters can use to attract candidates outside of LinkedIn. We’ll take a closer look at recruitment on additional social networks in a future article.