Google+ received another feature update today, this time turning its attention from photos to videos. Hangouts On Air have been used for everything from concerts to political debates to online classes. While these videos could be broadcast to the world, the one thing missing was a way to interact with your live audience.

With that in mind, the company today introduced Live Q&A for Hangouts On Air, the first of many features aimed at helping you engage with your viewers. Those watching your On Air broadcast will now be able to ask and vote on questions live, as well as replay the Q&A after the broadcast is over.

As the host of a broadcast, you’ll now be able to solicit questions from up to a million viewers, select and answer questions live, and timestamp the YouTube recording by marking questions as you answer them. The only catch — noted by The Verge — is that viewers have to be logged in to Google+ in order to submit questions. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, and we don’t think it’ll prevent many people from interacting.

Live Q&A is rolling out over the next few days on desktop, and will be available as view-only on Android. If you’re eager to see the new feature in action, check out one of the following examples: Art and Inquiry by MoMA Edu, Live Car Talk by Scotty Kilmer, and Sony vs. Nikon by Trey Ratcliff.

This could be a really interesting way to open up a dialog with your customers. Instead of passively watching, your viewers can get involved in the conversation. Live Q&As open up a lot of opportunities for agencies and their clients, as well as brands already using the feature. Be sure to look for the update the next time you start a Hangout On Air.

[Image credit: The U.S. Army]