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How To Use Data To Make Smarter Social Media Predictions

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You don’t need a crystal ball to make social media predictions for the future. A marketer’s intuition, backed by social listening and analytics, can do the trick.

Social media marketers are, by profession and nature, constantly attuned to what’s going on in the news, world, pop culture, advertising and more. The ever-changing consumer, economic and digital landscapes naturally enable those marketers to develop hunches about how their brand and audience are impacted by those shifts. To turn a hunch into a real prediction, marketers need to understand how to leverage and analyze the data at their disposal.

Marketers have increasingly more access to the data they need to make an informed prediction, thanks to an abundance of social networks and tools like analytics and listening. With that data, marketers can test their hypotheses and identify opportunities to engage target audiences.

With this guide, turn hypotheses into predictions and predictions into actionable social marketing tactics. Dive in and learn:

  • How social media platforms make predictions of their own
  • How social listening empowers marketers to move from making reactive decisions to proactive ones
  • How to use your owned data to fine-tune predictions or pivot in a new direction

Get the guide and start looking forward to the future.