Here are all the resources you need to level up your social marketing in 2020.

While we did put these in an order we thought most fitting for critical analysis and planning, you can pick and choose the templates that seem most valuable to where your organization is with social marketing.

1. [PDF Checklist] Social Media Basics Checklist

If your company is entering 2020 with no 2019 social media data to pull and analyze, then this checklist should be the first thing you use.

While this checklist is challenging for those just entering the social space, more experienced marketers will find value in the next sections.

Social Media Basics Checklist


2. [Interactive Worksheet] Performing a Social Media Audit

What’s the best way to plan for the future? By looking at the past. We consistently hear that our audiences are looking for ways to analyze past social performance, so we wrote a step-by-step on how to do it yourself and created this template to help.

To fill this worksheet with your own data, simply click “File” and “Make a copy”. If you get lost on how to pull and input your own social data then check out our blog post on performing a social media audit.

Social Media Audit Worksheet


3. [PDF Workbook] Setting New Social Media SMART Goals

After you’ve examined your past performance, you can set your new goals. Setting the right social media goals will hold you accountable, help you guide your budget and give meaning to your data. Use this template to set SMART social media goals to aim for in 2020.

To edit this for your own social goals, download the PDF and “open with” your preferred editor like Apple Preview, Microsoft Word or Adobe. If you’re looking for even more guidance on setting your social goals, check out this blog post on setting achievable social media goals.

Social Media Smart Goals


4. [PDF Workbook] Social Media Planning Guide

After you’ve looked to the past and set your future goals, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start planning. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the social marketing planning process and how to adapt your business’ strategies to industry standards.

To edit this for your own social goals, download the PDF and “open with” your preferred editor like Apple Preview, Microsoft Word or Adobe.

Social Planning Workbook


5. [Interactive Document] Creating a Social Media Project Proposal

Once your goals are set, the tactical work is planned and you’re ready to tackle you social objectives for 2020, you should package all of your strategies and thoughts into one shareable proposal. This is especially effective for those who need internal approval before getting started.

Click the link below to create your own copy. Once in the document simply click “File” and “Make a copy” to edit your own version. If you get lost in the process, then visit this guide on how to create a social media proposal.

Social Proposal Outline


Bonus tool: Sprout Social

While all of these tools and templates help you succeed on social, the right tools can take your success to the next level in 2020. For instance, over 20,000 brands and organizations use Sprout Social to build and grow stronger relationships on social.

With solutions for social media publishing, listening, engagement, analytics and more, Sprout will simplify and accelerate your 2020 social marketing.

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