Groupon announced the launch of its online scheduling tool, Groupon Scheduler, which helps merchants track their customer appointments.

Last September, the daily deals company acquired OpenCal, an automated online appointment scheduling app. The new tool will let Groupon customers easily book appointments for purchased deals.

Groupon Scheduler is currently designed for businesses that provide appointment-based services, such as beauty treatments or fitness classes. You will be able to view and customize a calendar of appointments and set the availability of services and staff members.

Additionally, you can also add a button to your website that will allow customers to book appointments online. That information will automatically feed into your calendar tool for easily management.

Currently Groupon is offering this tool free of charge to small businesses in North America that use Groupon. During the company’s limited beta period, you can also use it to book appointments that are not sold through Groupon.

This tool will hopefully encourage your customers to book appointments when they buy a Groupon — instead of waiting until later and forgetting about the deal.

[Disclaimer: Sprout Social has financial ties to Groupon.]

[Via: Chicago Tribune, Image credit: Robert Lowe]