Today Groupon is launching personalization features that will help businesses identify repeat customers. The update also includes an option that will enable some users to purchase expired deals.

The daily deals service is rolling out a system of new tags – including “Always Learning,” “Bring the Kids,” “DIY,” and “White Tablecloth” – which can be assigned to individual deals. A customer can “heart” qualities that he or she likes – which will make them easier to find later – or assign tags while browsing deals.

It’s important to note that tagging won’t help to filter deals. However, a customer’s tags will help Groupon decide which deals to highlight in emails. Previously Groupon relied on an algorithm using a string of attributes to select deals. The personalization feature allows a customer to tell Groupon what he or she wants instead.

“We wanted to give merchants better info about the people their deals are targeting, and we wanted to really target the people who like a certain type of deal,” explains Groupon Consumer Products Lead Suneel Gupta. “And we wanted to do this without being boring.”

Groupon believes that more efficient targeting will help you to identify repeat customers. Additionally you now have the option to reopen deals for customers. If your customer has hearted qualities that suggest repeat business, Groupon will promote a deal to that customer even after the deal has closed.

The company has also redesigned its dashboard, allowing customers to easily flip between multiple default cities. This is great for people that travel and businesses that have multiple locations in different cities.

[Disclaimer: Sprout Social has financial ties to Groupon.]

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Groupon]