Unsure if participating in a daily deal is actually worth it? Groupon today launched a free tool that offers businesses the ability to evaluate the performance of a promotion.

After a successful trial among more than 1,000 merchants, the Merchant Impact Report is now available to U.S. and Canadian merchants with a Groupon Merchant Center account. Previously only large companies had access to this kind of information.

With this tool, you’ll be able to see the total number of Groupon subscribers who received your deal as well as analytics on which subscribers are purchasing the offer broken down by geography, gender, and age.

You’ll also have access to customer insights, such as the percentage of customers new to your business or reactivated as a result of working with Groupon. This also includes an estimated percentage of customers expected to return within 90 days.

And finally, Groupon’s profit calculator will help you estimate the cost-effectiveness of each promotion, including payments from Groupon, overspend above the value of the Groupon, and revenue generated by returning customers.

You can see how the Merchant Impact Report works by visiting Groupon’s Merchant Center.

[Disclaimer: Sprout Social has financial ties to Groupon.]

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Groupon]