Groupon sent emails to select customers yesterday promoting its new service, Groupon Goods. The online retail site was quietly rolled out as news of Groupon Rewards took over.

Unlike its usual daily deals emails, Groupon Goods doesn’t feature a deal from another local business. Instead the email features deals on a variety of consumer products.

A shopper would redeem the deal just as he or she would with Groupon’s daily deals by clicking the “buy” button in the email. Depending on the deal, a customer can redeem it in one of two ways: directly from the merchant, or through Groupon.

Once purchased the shopper will receive a code that can be entered on the website of the merchant selling the product. Alternately, the shopper can give Groupon his or her address at the time of purchase and the company will pass it along to the merchant.

The daily deals service recently rolled out Groupon Rewards in an effort to increase customer retention. Its latest e-commerce move could be huge for the company as it competes with online retail giant Amazon – which has also entered the daily deals space.

It’s unclear if Groupon Goods emails are rolling out to the entire Groupon community. At the moment it appears that the service is still difficult to find on the company’s website –except for a FAQ – which leads us to suspect that only those who have received an email are “in the know.”

[Disclaimer: Sprout Social has financial ties to Groupon.]

[Via: CNET, Image credit: Groupon]