Google has closed the doors on its site and launched a new version of its Product Search page. debuted in November 2010 and focused on keeping consumers informed about fashion trends and provided shopping recommendations.

It isn’t clear why the site wasn’t doing well, but since Larry Page has taken over as CEO, Google has shut down several products, including Aardvark, Fast Flip, and in recent months, Google Labs.

Google will now focus on its Product Search page. The new design is the “first in a series of improvements we’re making to Google Product search leveraging the computer vision and machine learning technology developed by the team we affectionately call our fashion and computer nerds,” explains Burak Gokturk, co-founder of and member of the Google Commerce team.

The majority of the page features a slideshow widget – a type of interface that allows a specific function within a website – that scrolls through five images. There are fewer words, but Google does include short text descriptions for each product. Below the slideshow are a few rows of featured products.

Consumers aren’t limited to text-based search queries as the new page allows individuals to search for visually similar items. For example, shoppers searching for a dress could browse collections that match the color, silhouette, and style.

This feature will certainly benefit style-focused businesses, but it’s still unknown how it will work with other product searches like electronics for example. will be shut down on October 14th. Google said it will email its users with instructions on how to save data.

[Via: PCMag, Image credit: Lulu Hoeller]