Google is testing a YouTube redesign that will focus on a closer integration with its social network Google+. The company has slowly been adding Google+ functionality to its product lineup. In November alone both Gmail and Google Reader received redesigns.

Earlier this month Google added a YouTube Slider to the Google+ homepage, which allows users to type in a search and watch videos through a pop-up window. YouTube’s updated design will put a stronger focus on shared content from Google+.

Should the test go well, it’s likely that you will see YouTube content that your Circles have shared to Google+ – which means that you’d be able to search through user-recommended videos from people that matter.

In an effort to put a focus on larger preview images for videos, homepage content will be displayed in a single column. A new left-column dashboard will arrange your subscriptions into easily clickable sections.

The fullscreen button received an update so when you are viewing a YouTube video, you will have the option to shrink, expand, or view the video in fullscreen. Additionally, recommended video content will pop out when clicked so you can easily exit to where you last were before clicking after viewing.

Google has yet to make an official statement about any of the changes. The search giant has been working to integrate its social platform Google+ into each of its products. Currently only a small group of users have access to the redesign, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see it.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Rego Korosi]